What Makes Harvest Strategy Group Unique?

Harvest Strategy Group (Harvest) was founded in 2007 by industry veterans Brad McCurnin and David Ravin, with the goal of providing single-point-of-contact, nationwide recovery management services for banks, finance companies, debt buyers and credit unions. Harvest fosters an entrepreneurial environment and encourages its staff to challenge boundaries, think outside the box, and feel a sense of ownership and accountability for results. 

Harvest’s mission is to lead the accounts receivable management industry through strength in partnerships, exceptional service and the delivery of superior results, and our core values are as follows:

Honesty. Be honest with yourself and others.

Automation produces consistent results, allows for objective measurement and reduces overhead.

Results matter most. The best idea wins.

Vision. Everyone shares the vision for success and understands their role in achieving it. 

Evaluate progress and compare to goals. Adjust strategy as needed to achieve success.

Seek out as much data and information as possible to inform strategy development and improve decision making.

Teamwork. Working as a team, anything is possible.

These philosophies are what enable Harvest to enjoy an average tenure of nearly a decade among its management team and staff and provide you with best in class recovery management services.

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