Collection Services

Because we believe that specialists outperform generalists 100% of the time, Harvest is singularly focused on accounts receivable management services.

Harvest’s benefits include:

  • A proven and experienced network of respected collection law firms and collection agency partners
  • A single point of contact solution to cover the entire United States, reducing overhead requirements and fixed costs
  • Utilizing ProScore, Harvest’s proprietary legal scoring model, accounts are sent to the most effective recovery channel, resulting in the highest level of recovery at the lowest cost
  • A customizable suite of recovery strategies, including collection agency, pre-legal, and attorney channels.
  • Industry leading compliance and oversight, ensuring risk mitigation and adherence to all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Our marketplace presence allows for our clients to leverage our scale and access the nation’s top collection agencies and law-firms, gaining equal attention on every account that is placed, regardless of monthly volume.

Depending on your needs, Harvest can provide everything from comprehensive collection vendor management services to the management of a single channel.

Collection Agency Services

Harvest employs multiple collection agency partners across the nation, all of which have differing strengths with various ages and types of consumer debt. Our partner agencies are carefully selected and rigorously tested through our disciplined management model. Documented standards and expectations are measured daily for each partner agency to guarantee the best returns in the quickest and most compliant manner. Harvest partners expertly handle all ages of accounts receivable, from charge off up to and including out of statute receivables.

Pre-Legal Collection Services

Harvest’s pre-legal collection partners are utilized to reduce the costs and increase the net recovery rate associated with a legal collection strategy. Once a population of accounts has been qualified for litigation, accounts can be first placed with Harvest’s pre-legal collection partners for a pre-legal recovery effort, allowing customers a final opportunity to resolve a debt prior to the account being assigned to a local attorney for litigation.

Litigation Services

Harvest manages a nationwide network of the leading creditor’s rights law firms in the United States. All Harvest attorneys are members of the National Creditor’s Bar Association (NCBA) and have been in practice an average of 31 years. Network attorneys work under a detailed set of account management guidelines and work standards to manage costs, ensure consistency in handling, adhere strictly to predetermined work plans, quickly move accounts through the litigation process, and increase net recoveries to the greatest extent possible with zero-defect compliance. Additional legal services include auto replevin and dormant judgment recovery programs.

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